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Whether you are looking for extraordinary talent for Hedge Funds, Asset Management or Banking and Finance or just someone in budget to get a job done fast, register your resource requirement with us here today. We help businesses to find the right people, at the right time, for the right budget and we can help you too! Here's how:

We guarantee to find you the best quality resources, whatever your budget! Our tech resource pool built up over 15 years is global and allows us to find the best resources at the best rates. Our unique model of using a combination of resource types that is best suited to your business needs will help you save up to 25% in hiring costs. Feel free to have a look at the different resource types below.


Our tech resource pool goes beyond the bubble of just the cities in which we and your business are located in, so we will always find the best resources faster than our competitors. We also offer a unique model using a combination of resource types that is best suited to your business needs; whether they are permanent or contract, local or remote we have you covered! Our consultants have great relationships within their fields so when a candidate is about to leave their job or considering a new opportunity, we will know about it first which puts us in the best position to sell your company and role to them!


Our experience in your field gives us an understanding of who you need to get the job done. We have a very thorough interview process with every candidate we screen on your behalf and provide you with detailed notes and information you would not otherwise know or be able to see on their CV. We will never send you irrelevant CVs or set up time wasting interviews: 92% of the candidates we send to our clients are interviewed and 50% of the candidates that enter the interview process are hired!


If you just need to make this one hire or have the need for urgent cover, that’s no problem, but we are geared up to be your long term partner who would like to get to know your business inside out, can predict your hiring needs and can represent your brand in the best possible way to the talent you want to attract; regardless of the number of vacancies! 


We live and breathe the talent business through over 15 years experience in the market. We have been providing our current clients with expert knowledge consultancy on all aspects of talent acquisition, talent management and even business planning to help refine processes, improve retention and reduce time to hire. We will assess your business and help you to create the hiring strategy that creates the most value for your business. To give you an idea of the services and resources we can supply we listed our resource types below.