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Outsourcing Solutions



Outsourcing is obtaining a full service for a piece of work by a supplier outside of your organisation. Many companies do this on a daily basis by engaging contractors who provide their services as an external provider rather than hiring employees to fulfil the services in house. But as salaries and day rates of local employees and contractors keep rising companies are forced to look for more affordable solutions.

Today's era of highly advanced and cloud based technology allows companies to engage contractors outside of the UK who are able to provide their services at much cheaper rates. But, not only a tight hiring budget is the reason for UK companies to outsource their tech development to service providers abroad. With Brexit around the corner it will become harder and harder to find suitable employees and contractors locally. Forwardplanning companies are already securing the best and cheapest resources available abroad to be able to stay competitive in the future. 

do I need to outsource?

You need to outsource when:

  • you have a tight hiring budget or simply are fed up with contractor rates and salaries rising.

  • you work with cloud based technology and the work you require can be done remotely.

  • your business may be affected by Brexit.

how do i outsource and find the right person/team?

It can be challenging to find the right contractor for your business but finding the right contractor or tech team abroad is even harder. Even if you manage to find the right fit for your needs and find a way around the cultural barriers you are already competing with some of the UK's most innovative companies for the best talent abroad.  Ray Associates can:

  • find the right team abroad to get the job done.

  • navigate through cultural differences to achieve the best and most cost effective outcome for your business.

  • take care of the set up and take the administrative headache away as well as provide cash flow releif by paying the team up front and invoicing you for payment at a later date.

Are you looking to outsource your talent needs? Then register your resource requirement with us here!