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Permanent Employees



Permanent employees are hired for positions without a pre-determined time limit, form your mid to long term team and create the core culture of your business. It is therefore crucial that you find the right fit for your business and for the team the new employee will join. As they are part of your future you might want to invest in your permanent employees and provide in house training as well as invest in seminars and courses as you see fit to provide your employee with the tools to be able to provide the best work for your business. You are in control of their work processes and have a special duty of care to ensure your employee receives the appropriate wage and takes time off to recreate. Forming a highly efficient team and creating an environment in which your team can flourish are of the utmost priority for any successful business. It is crucial that each employee brings the right skill set for their role and the right culture fit for your organisation.


You need to hire a permanent employee when:

  • your job requirement has no time limit and is likely to exceed at least 1 year.

  • you need to be in control of their processes and hours.

  • you are ready to invest in the onboarding, growth and development of the new member of staff.

  • you wish to form an exclusive work relationship with your new employee. 


Finding the right permanent employee can take a lot of time and work; mot only do you need to have an extensive network and reach to find a suitable candidate they then need to be qualified against the experience needed, availability, salary, culture and many other areas to ensure they are right for your business.

Having over 15 years experience working in recruitment and HR helping companies to hire the right talent, Ray Associates will not only save you all that time and help you to find the person with the right skill set, availability and salary but can also help you identify what kind of culutural fit you are looking for to ensure that the members of your team help each other to succeed instead of holding each other back. 

Lastly you benefit from all the time and hard work to see who is available in the market, have them screened and qualified for your business but only pay upon the successful hire of the candidate, so there's no fees until placement!

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