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RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing and describes the transfer of all or a part of your recruitment processes to an external provider. The RPO provider either functions as an extension of your company's HR team or acts as your outsourced HR team providing not only recruitment services but also supporting your company in the design and execution of recruitment processes to create an efficient and impactful hiring strategy.

do you need to utilise rpo?

You need to engage in an RPO solution if:

  • your company does not have a HR team but needs to hire new members of staff in a timely manner

  • your company needs to deal with a spike in hiring needs for a set period of time and boost the in house capability without committing to a permanent resources

  • your company faces longer hiring timescales and inconsistent reference checking in house

  • your recruitment needs have not been met by current processes

  • you do not have the time to deal with recruiters (internally or externally) do to the high volume of CV's

  • your hiring costs are too high and you want to create more balance

HOw can ray associates help with an RPO?

Ray Associates can be your trusted RPO provider to create and manage your recruitment processes. We will help you not only to build your teams but we will also design and implement a hiring strategy and put the most effective recruitment processes in place while you focus on what's important, your day job and growing revenues.

Our goal is to grow with you and eventually leave a self sufficient HR/Recruitment department on site so we will then work with you to build your HR/Recruitment team internally so you will be able to scale and benefit from our services even after we have left site and only need to work with us on niche/specialist requirements.

Are you looking for an RPO provider? Then register your resource requirement with us here!