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Candidate Stories



 Tabasom Aryamanesh, Senior Frontend Developer at Equals says:

 "My experience of working with Ray Associates was exceptional. They were very helpful in finding me my upcoming role at a great company. They kept me updated with feedback, and was very encouraging. Ray Associates hard work ensured that the process was easy and stress free! Highly recommended."                                    

Romeo Ledesma, SDET at Equals says:

"I see Neil as someone who's generally on top of things. He's very responsive and will make sure you're kept in the loop of things. He forwarded a role onto me which didn't necessarily align with my skillset at the time but nontheless, it was a role which we both believed I had a lot of transferrable skills for which goes to show that he's not going to be that someone who will send you random roles in hopes of handing you the right one -- he is efficient and has good attention to detail. He keeps a good working relationship with hiring managers and has good knowledge about what they want hence why he is able to give you a more than decent amount of information for the role at hand. I got the job within a week of him forwarding the role onto me."

Javi Pulido, Mobile Team Lead at Plain Concepts says:

"Neil is probably the most passionate recruiter I've ever seen. He worked his socks off while working with me. Being with him has always been a pleasure, he is always availabe when you need him. You really must trust this guy." 

Sebastian Repciuc says:

"I will always and definitely recommed Ray Associates to anyone. It was a real pleasure and honor to work with them and I can tell that they are reliable, friendly and always keen to help. Neil is an amazing manager and a delightful person." 

Steven Sweet says:

"I would highly recommend Ray Associates to anyone I know. I've worked with numerous agencies and most of the time you feel that they only look after their own side of business, which is what any business needs to do. But the good ones think of you as well. That was the feeling I got from Neil and Tabea; a fantastic team. Neil himself will try to turn any negative to a positive and has a positive outlook on work. Top marks, wishig them a prosperous future."


Murtaza Khan, Senior QA Engineer at WorldRemit says:

"Ray Associates introduced me to World Remit and gave me the opportunity to land with a great role to increase my skills and knowledge in the QA field".

Scott Johnson, Senior Developer says:

"While transitioning into the next stage of my career Neil was my point of contact. He proved to be extremely diligent and efficient in his work. Combined with his approachable and easy to get on with personality Neil is an overall highly professional recruiter and colleague."

Mike Popham, Programme Director at NPDC says:

"Rarely do we come across people with the focus, expertise and energy necessary to eclipse initial expectations of results. I did! Neil Ray is an outstanding professional ready to lead the actionsagreed, and the regular interchange necessary to remain confident of success. A pleasure to work with, and an inspiring colleague!"