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Steve Madincea, Managing Partner at Fantastec, says:

"Ray Associates deliver. From the moment we first engaged on a recent hire Neil took the time to understand me, our business and our future objectives. Not just in a superficial way but more akin to a business  consultant. As a former software engineer he could also grasp the complexities of our tech stack to help us find the unique skills we required. Our team and our business are in a better place thanks to Neil and his commitment to our needs."

Shane Johnson, Head of Web Development at Equals, says:

"I have worked with Neil on a whole range of roles at my current company. I found him to be proactive in seeking out the best candidates. He is quick to understand the right qualities needed in a candidate to fulfil the needs of the role and is very responsive in communications. He is very personable and it felt that Neil isn't just ticking boxes or feeding you bullshit to get candidates through the door but that he really thrives on presenting the best candidates that he knows will succeed in an environment that helps our business thrive with the best employees. I would highly recommend using Neil if you want to fill your vacancies quickly and with the best people."

Andra Nicolau, Founder & CEO at Mavensight, says:

"I've worked with Neil for his recruitment services and I have had an amazing experience working with him and his team. He is very thorough in his sourcing, very engaging and only sends the best candidates forward. Would recommend to anyone."

Jan Vanhoutte, Co-Founder and CPO at Shepper, says:

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Neil this year to solve some of our tech recruitment challenges. He is very diligent in what he does and really delves deep into our business so he's able to speak like one of us when filtering through and speaking with applicants. I particularly like his detailed email after our initial chat that covered our needs at length and meant that he was prepared to take on the job. I highly recommend Neil to anybody that needs a level of service that goes beyond what's the norm."

Richard Coombes, Head of Engineering at Equals, says:

"I have worked with Neil for a number of years, he has helped to hire talent across a number of different roles. He has consistently produced results for both perm and contract positions, and for a really wide variety of skillsets. One of Neil's talents is in finding the super passionate candidates who really want to immerse themselves in building your products. He'll find you that great contractor at short notice, but he'll also find someone who's been off the radar but is ready to be your next superstar. He's always polite, works his socks off even when it's your own failure to plan and is one of life's genuine good guys. He supports Arsenal, but you can't have it all."

Lee Cooper, Information Security Manager at Catalyst Housing, says:

"Neil was instrumental in helping us to recruit an Information Security Manager at Catalyst Housing. He is incredibly professional, passionate and dedicated, by far one of the best recruiters I have worked with. What makes Neil stand out is his genuine concern for the best interests of both the client and the candidates, only putting forwards those that are right for the role after his careful and considerate vetting. I would highly recommend Neil and will certainly be using his services again."

Nick Gommans, Head of Strategy and Engineering at HSBC, says:

"Neil is dedicated to selecting the right candidates which makes working with Neil as a technical interviewer a great experience. Neil also takes feedback on his candidates and consistently demonstrates refinement in candidate selection which reduces the number of candidates that I interview who are not a good fit for the role. "

David Jensen, VP of Engineering at Photobox, says:

"Neil is one of the best in the business always getting right results on time every time."