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Whether you are looking for your next step in your career or a well paid contract for the next few months, browse all our live jobs  and apply for your next role today! Or simply register your details with us here for the future. Why trust your job search with us you say? Glad you asked!

WE Know your market:

  • All of our consultants have a passion for and/or come from working in the markets they recruit in and your work in!

  • We understand how frustrating it can be working with a recruiter who does not understand the market.

  • No more frustrating time wasting questions or calls about irrelevant job opportunities at the wrong level or salary.

No more awkward phone calls while at work:

Ray Associates is a boutique agency which means:

  • we have a high attention to detail and focus in your job search. You are more than just a number for us!

  • We can work around the hours you can actually talk. So no more awkward phone calls at your desk while you are at work with your boss standing next to you!​

You are equal:

  • At Ray Associates no candidate is more or less important than the other. We dedicate the same time and focus to each candidate no matter your experience level!

  • We value our candidates as much as we value our clients.

  • We take pride in calling ourselves your agent who is going to help you to find the right opportunity and represent your interests passionately in a competitive, fast moving market!

WE went through it too!:

We understand what it is like navigating the job market and trying to find:

  • the right organisation to drive your career to the next level!

  • a balance of exciting work & good prospects and not just a higher salary.

WE listen to you:

  • We have a thorough process and understand the market so when our consultants interview you they will listen to what you really want and need and be able to advise you on the best steps for your career instead of using buzzwords and asking you irrelivant questions that do not make sense

  • We will focus on advising you and placing you in the right job, with the right salary, at the right location and in the right company.

WE have amazing clients that we love:

We are passionate about innovation and solving problems with tech and we work with clients who have the same values too!

Not convinced yet? Read about our candidates’ experiences with us here or get in touch with our consultants today to find out what we can do specifically for you.


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