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Welcome to Ray Associates

We are a specialist technology, public sector, information security and hospitality recruitment group (well more of a family really) and our passion comes from driving results through a value added service helping our clients and candidates find their way to a perfect match with each other! Ray Associates is built upon the ethos & fundamental core value of working closely with our clients and candidates to understand their true needs so we can bring together the right people, in the right place at the right time!

Ray Associates has an innovative structure in that we deal with many sectors in one company, but are comprised entirely of many independent & sector focused consultants. This benefits the clients & candidates we work with as they have access to an "all under one roof" larger recruitment agency, with the attention to detail and service level of a niche recruitment provider.  At Ray Associates we work closely with high growth tech companies, most of the councils in the UK and a range of energy & hospitality clients.

If you represent a company in these sectors or have experience in any of these sectors and want to speak to a consultant that will drive results for you, pease do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here!

specialist recruitment group focused on public sector, Hospitality, technology & Information security!

  • Knowledge

    Unrivaled knowledge of growing businesses within multiple market sectors through over 12 years experience and our network!

  • Individual Support

    All consultants will provide you with their mobile number to ensure you can contact them anytime; even outside business hours!

  • Flexibility

    We have the ability to be agile and flexible to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes and candidates in various roles.

  • Time

    We waste no time uniting the right people & companies together. Every second a company spends looking for the right person slows their growth & every second a candidate spends looking for a role, they are not earning.

Ray Associates pride ourselves on understanding our clients and candidates through selecting consultants for the group that have genuine passion and deep knowledge of the markets they work in. Ray Associates was founded by Neil Ray who has 12 years in depth experience within the IT Recruitment and IT Consulting sectors. 

Neil has always been passionate about business in general with specific interest in the trends, advancements and growth within the recruitment and tech sectors. He has even operated successfully in the IT sector himself, supporting his success with a degree in Business Computing Systems where he graduated with honours in 2005 from City University in London. Neil moved on to found a recruitment business; exiting in 2008 he then went on to help grow many other businesses globally before deciding to use his experience to empower recruitment consultants and grow companies.

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